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1. Java Collections: Big-O Algorithm Complexity

A cheat sheet for Java Collections Big-O algorithm complexity listing the cost for the main operations. As a bonus, it also lists the data structure used to implement each Java Collection. Learn more >>

2. The Future of Java

Java enthusiasts share their opinions on what makes Java so great after 25 years Some highlights are the libraries, stability and the JVM. Learn more >>

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  1. Two Ways to Extend Enum Functionality
  2. 14 High Performance Java Persistence Tips
  3. Replacing Finalizers with Cleaners
  4. No Nonsense Guide to JVM Implementations: OpenJDK, OpenJ9, GraalVM
  5. Thoughts on Why People Perceive Java as a Complex Programming Language
  6. Loom and Thread Fairness
  7. Standardizing Native Java: Aligning GraalVM and OpenJDK

🤖 Java Interview Questions

  1. What is the process of garbage collection? 
    • It is the process of identifying unused objects in order to reclaim memory space. Unused objects are objects for which there are no references by any part of the program. The garbage collection process takes place in the heap.
  2. What is the recommended data type to represent and process currency/money operations?
    • BigDecimal, because it offers a higher level of precision compared with Double. When compared with Float, Double offers a higher level of precision.

❓StackOverflow Java Question

  1. Avoiding NullPointerException in Java
  2. What are the differences between a HashMap and a Hashtable in Java?
  3. How do I generate random integers within a specific range in Java?

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