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2022 State of the Java Ecosystem Report

An in-depth look at Java, providing context and insights into the state of the ecosystem today. Learn more >>

Project Loom C5M

An experiment to achieve 5 million persistent connections each in client and server Java applications using OpenJDK Project Loom virtual threads. Learn more >>

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🤖 Java Interview Questions

  1. What is the preferable class to store key value data that will be retrieved and updated by a set of threads concurrently
    • ConcurrentHashMap, which is a hash table that supports full concurrency of data retrievals and updates.
  2. What is the main API to handle dates and times? When was it introduced? What is one example of an available operation?
    • The java.time API is the main API to handle dates and times.
    • It was introduced in Java 8 and supports standard time concepts including date, time, instant, and time-zone and provides immutable implementations.
    • One example of operations consists in obtaining the tomorrows date by using the following method: LocalDate tomorrow = LocalDate.now().plusDays(1);

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  1. When should I use Comparator vs Comparable?
  2. How to round up a value in Java?

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